Option to Import and Export Tab Layouts


I have this feature for my website’s page builder and I think it would be great for glide as well. I thought of this while having to rebuild my app from scratch. I did have a copy I used as a template, but still, everything was done manually, no fun.

Essentially for my page builder, I can export by sections of a page or the entire page layout (module data they call it) and import it onto a whole new page. Same exact layout, done in just a couple of minutes, instead of hours. Is this something that’s possible? Of course, using the same sheet and data, etc.

I am thinking of same thing as a feature of glide editor so I can copy a glide formula column instead of having to create the same one again.


You can now copy and paste (duplicate) your tabs ! :tada:

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Yes, I saw that!! Great news. I was also thinking of copying tabs across apps as well.