Option for icons to be before or after text in buttons

When setting an icon, would be great to have an option to choose where the icon is located.

A simple example is arrows right and left.

Ya…agreed. For arrows, I use Unicode arrows instead.


I have an idea that is probably not all that original:

a company could offer Frontend-as-a-Service and provide their frontend layer to website and app building solutions such as Glide. Some sort of white labeling modular frontend solution so that the Glide Team could choose what it wants to offer in its own builder. At the end of the day, Glide, Webflow, Dorik, Brizy Cloud, Softr, Bubble et cetera et cetera et cetera all aim to offer a subset of the same front-end components and configurations, and yet I’m guessing their engineers are all going to the trouble to build the same stuff?

As an example, the problem of the icon before and after the text in a button has probably already been solved a million times, it feels silly that it would need to be solved yet again.