Image instead of default icon (button)

Dear Glide professionals, maybe someone knows how I can use my picture in such a button instead of the default icon (in this case, instead of this circle with a plus)?

Maybe it can be done somehow with css?

For several days I tried to figure it out myself, but nothing worked out for me, so I decided to ask for help on the forum :pray:

possible, but difficult.

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Hi @TidoRin, this is probably not the answer you want:

In the options of the button component, you can change the icon. The library of icons suggested is pretty extensive, perhaps you could find one that works.

I would also avoid css, simplicity is your friend.


Yeah, and it gets kind of hard to maintain when you have multiple buttons on the same screen, with conditional visibilities, and you don’t want to apply that to every button.


Complementing what the amazing guys said here up, another suggestion is to remove the native icon and type a text with an emoji that represents better what you what.


Another suggestion is use Cool Symbols to find some other symbols as text to try to fit what you want.



good idea :laughing:
If there is an easy way, why do you have to look for the hard way. :clinking_glasses: