Online courses app


I have an app where I sell courses to my users. The model is that my user purchases a course and will be given access to all the videos of the course. I have added a buy button to the course and I want when a user completes a purchase, the list of courses is to be visible to them. Is there any way I can do that? I am stuck. @ThinhDinh @experts

Hi Hassan,

If you’re using the Stripe Buy Button, then you can do this - but will need to do a few extra steps so that Glide knows who has purchased what. Currently the Stripe orders tab is “hidden” from the Glide Data Editor (GDE), so you would need to create a new table in your Google Sheets and do an ARRAYCOLUMN of the orders tab to be able to read the data.

From there, the concept is to create a relation to the course and the purchase. I would create a template column using the current user ID* and the ID of the course (ie USERID-COURSEID) set that as “Product ID” for that stripe button, and create a relation column on your “Course” tab based on those IDs.

Then all you would need to do is set up visibility based on whether or not the relation column is empty. If it’s empty, they haven’t purchased, if they have, you show the content :+1: