One click photo album download

I’m currently working on an on-site inspection app. Our colleagues take photos of certain parts of a building (for example: roof, windows, kitchen, etc.). They take 30-40 photos per building with an iPad/iPhone.

The information is then processed by our office staff. They often have to rotate, zoom or quickly switch between photos. Since that is unfortunately not possible with Glide, I am looking for a possibility to download the (archived) photos in one click. Opening 30-40 photos and then saving them separately is quite a job!

What I’ve tried:

  • Create an automation via ‘Made’ or ‘Zap’. I was not able to create a ‘download all’ button. For example, ‘Make’ can then email the photos by Gmail (but often the files are too large and there is a waiting time in between).
  • External hosting via, for example, Google Photos or Icloud. Besides the fact that it is not possible to embed those screens, it is less easy for my outdoor colleagues than simply uploading photos.

Do you have any ideas about this? Thanks for contributing ideas!

I think using Make, you should try to ZIP those photos together into a single file, upload that file to your Drive, and then bring the Drive link back to Glide.

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