Batch Download Glide-Hosted Images?

Hello, I wonder if there’s a way to batch download photos hosted by Glide. My app requires long-term backup and archival of photos taken with the app. Thanks Juan

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If the table containing your images is connected to a Google Sheet, then all of the URL’s will be shown in the sheet. It would be a simple matter to automate the downloading of the images using some Apps Script, or an automation tool such as Integromat or Zapier.


I use this extension to batch download images.

It has an option to mass import URLs from clipboard.


Thanks a lot I tried and its great!

I guess with this you can extend quota limits for personal and basic apps, right?

Regards Juan

@Juan if you don’t reference an image in glide then it will not count on your image quota. And the image will eventually be deleted from glide. Is that what you are thinking?


Yes thanks Krivo!

@Juan i expect that you prefer to have your images in glide and then great solutions to download images has been presented.

If you want to keep your image quota low then you could place the images in eg cloudinary- but you could still make people upload images via image picker and then automatically copy the images to cloudinary. You can have a look to see if that’s something for you

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