Once you select a value, can it be locked?

I’ve created a booking system that allows users to book themselves into, let’s say, 1 of 3 sessions.
Session1 Tom
Session2 Dick
Session3 -

The problem is that a user can book themselves into a session that has already been taken.
i.e. Harry can book himself into session1, overwriting Tom.
Is there a way of stopping a user from overwriting an already booked session?

The app has 3 ‘Choice’ components, one for each session.
The user selects the required session and then selects their name from the list of users.
The users are not currently required to login.


use a filter to hide clicked sessions

Thanks, but not quite what I was looking for.
I would really like the sessions/bookings to remain visible but locked to Harry.

then you cant use the choice component, for this, I will recommend an inline list, with custom action… when clicked it will set a column with the user name, replace checkmark to check… and condition if checked… show notification that this session is booked and not to set column

Thanks Uzo - I’ll experiment with your suggestion.

something like that, just add a condition, if checked… not to do anything: