Old Developer with a new Startup

I know a few things, been around a while.

My first professional gig was Cobol for a bank on punch cards. 80 character lines, waiting 20 minutes for a 1600 card/line program to spit out a syntax error from the mainframe.

I paid my dues. Now, I’m looking for work as a Software Engineer and at my age, I realize, I don’t have the skills, stamina or desire to code for 14 hours straight and I don’t want to.

But, I see lots and lots of problems that need a software solution.

I need better tools.

So, I thought maybe No/Low Code could be the answer, because I am sick of chasing bugs through logic in compilers and interpreters conceived and realized in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

I want modern tools. I want to program like they do on Star Trek. A few buttons and Colored discs and POOF!!

I tried FlutterFlow which seems a great intro to mobile development and Firebase is a joy, but it’s not soup yet and you have to choose mobile or web.

And I want BOTH. I want to be a MONSTER at both. So, What’s this Glide thing?

With Glide, you can have a little of both and it’s getting better rapidly.

What is the Mantra? I want one code base for web and mobile or Death !!

I like the idea of not dying and saying … mobile or web … They are completely different … CHOOOSE … App or Page … CHOOOSE.

Without alternate widgets or a lot of parallel logic for mobile/web.

The weirdest thing, Glide, a No/Low Code company has made the best software engineering tradeoff in the space.

Make a Choice. Do or do not. There is no Try.




I never had to experience punchcards, but I hated COBOL in school. I wanted to write code…not paragraphs. :wink: I’m a present day RPG guy myself on the AS400 or iSeries or Power or whatever IBM has decided to call it these days. (It’s still the 400 and even our users call it the 400.) I also do web development with some VB, C#, JavaScript, SQL, etc. thrown in. RPG and SQL are actually some my favorite things. Both are ridiculously powerful at processing massive amounts of data quickly.

I’m here for the same reasons. I code by day, but I don’t want to do it in my free time. However, Glide has allowed me to realize some side projects very quickly, without having to think too hard. It’s been a fun ride so far.

Welcome to the community!


Great to meet you! I cut my teeth on mainframes in college (I took only one computer course and it was my senior year). But I’ve made a living at programming.

My current personal goal is to introduce Glide to the PL/B community – which I have been a part of since 1989 – to show the other coders how they can leverage Glide in their solutions.

PL/B began its life as a replacement for COBOL, because COBOL could not fit in the tiny memory of the first personal computer – Datapoint. Databus was that language, and when it received its ANSI certification in the 80’s, Datapoint (RIP) would not release the Trademark, so it became “Programming Language for Business” – PL/B.

@Jeff_Hager, in the 80’s I worked alongside an RPG programmer whose task was to mimic the software I was coding for the first MS-DOS machines. Screen navigation was her greatest challenge, but we wanted our software to work the same way on the mainframe as it did on the PC!

I love how the Glide community is a big mix of Spreadsheet Experts, Screen Designers, and Programmers side-by-side, expanding the wonderful world of NoCode!



Welcome to the Glide community, Joe!



Thanks for the warm welcome. I think Glide is building the kind of ecosystem and tools that can stand on their own for a long time.

Every platform … web … mobile … ??IoT?? … can be imagined as a new and separate opportunity.



Glide is unique among the no/low code solutions. Opinionated and Competent.

It is ideally suited for the PL/B community to embrace mobile/web without all the headaches.

That sounds like an exciting and potentially profitable marriage.

If you need help, I’m interested.

I really, really want to do Blockchain programming and Glide might be flexible enough to incorporate that.