Hello, I am Stephen Cagle, Clojure(script) SE looking at Glide

Hello, my name is Stephen Cagle. I am a laid off (Covid) software engineer in downtown Oakland. I enjoy bicycling from Oakland to Berkeley (4 to 6 days a week), reading and napping at various parks in the East Bay and playing board games.

Anywho, I was wondering about all these no code solutions I keep hearing about. So far I have made (demo/personal apps) a small glide app for:

  1. A restaurant (just a menu)
  2. A restaurant that you can sorta order from
  3. A workout tracking app
  4. A Do, Defer, Drop, Delegate, Nah… app (working on it currently)

I am impressed by how much you can accomplish in so little with Glide. I think it really points to the powerful leverage of picking the right metaphor. Excel sheets are a lingua franca among so many businesses! It was interesting to me as I would previously argue that clojurescript + interactive development was the right answer for any level of web app (especially at the prototype/beginning). Glide has convinced me that there is a level of web/app development that is easier to do with nocode solutions than with any coding solution.

Anyway, that is a long winded way of saying I think glide is pretty neat. Glad to be here!



Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community! I would love to see your apps and wiling to assist if you face any problems, and I’m sure many people in this community are willing to do so as well. Don’t hesitant to ask for help.

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I’m pretty new here too but still impressed for the bravery of Glide Team and how fast they improve the platform.

I’ve been working in a local cultural guide app for Santiago de Compostela which I’m planning to launch soon.

Community it’s also warm, generous and always interchanging new paths to enrich Glide Metaphora.



Thanks for the warm welcome folks. I am still cutting my teeth on excel programming, but I am having a good time doing it. It’s nice to have such a friendly community.