Numbers not matching entry

I have a form that asks the user to enter a number. In my specific situation, it is their Discord ID from Discord, which is normally very long, 17 or 18 characters.

However, once submitted the google sheet does not reflect exactly what is entered. For example, “83707053398294528” enters as “83707053398294530” or “83707053398294500” sometimes. Or it will even turn it scientific with like 8.3707E17 or something similar.

Ive tried changing the format of the column in google sheets, switching from number entry to text entry, etc, but nothing seems to be solving the issue.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to solve this?


I have tested your case, my inputs all turned into scientific when I use a number entry but it works well with a text entry.

Can you try again with a text entry and tell us if it works?


It is working now! I appreciate it.

I prefer to force users to only add numbers, but this will suffice for now.

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