Number of updates used for dynamic fields when using AI

I recently saw a video by Glide showcasing AI, with an example of a translator app. There’s a text box for the user to enter their input, then AI translates and displays the translated text in real time as it is being typed.

My question is… since the input cell is being updated with every character typed, and then the translated field is also being updated with every character, is each character typed being counted as an “update?” Is the translated field being counted as an update too? I’m on the pro plan with 10k updates per month, so a use case like this seems impossible if each character counts as an update. You would reach your limit after a few longer paragraphs if each character counted as an update to the cell.

Or does it not count as an update until the user clicks out of the cell?

So I guess in general, if a user updates a text box that isn’t in a form screen, are multiple updates being used while they are typing and the cell is being updated? Thanks!

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I would assume it’s a yes, every time you change your input on-the-fly like that (assuming it’s on a details view), Glide would have to initiate a new call to translate the new content. Since the input gets updated real time, it does not matter if you click out of the cell or not.

So, looks like a yes for me. For native forms/edit screens, the updates are only made after you click Submit.

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