Number of public users on site other than shown in use

when I enter the site, in the pricing section the number of public users is shown as 100, for the free plan. But when I access the “usage” menu, a limit of 10 appears

Can you clarify where it is that you see a limit of 100 public users on the Free Plan?
Do you mean the Pricing page on the Glide website?
This is what I see:

When I enter this page on my cell phone, it shows 100.

That doesn’t look like the Pricing page. Could you provide the exact link to the page where you took that screen shot from please?

It’s the same link, only accessed by cell phone. You may be checking this by accessing Chrome’s DevTools (F12), or your cell phone’s browser

Okay, now I see. That looks to be an error. I’ll bring it to the attention of the Glide team.


this has been fixed, thank you for flagging


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