Number Formatting DocsAutomator

When using DocsAutomator to generate PDF’s and using math columns as field inputs it is not respecting the decimal precision or the units selected. It passes the math column result without the defined formatting.

For example £104.00 becomes 104.003721

Is there a similar problem with PDF Monkey?

Instead of relying on the precious function to handle your rounding, use the round function in your math.


See if that helps.
The problem with only setting the precious is that it’s cosmetic and doesn’t actually round the underlying value. It only rounds for display purposes. When you use the Round math function, the result is truly rounded.


@Curtis Let me know if you need help with automating documents using DocsAutomator! Always happy to support :slight_smile:

Thanks Rupert,
We’re just getting setup and evaluating options.
Is DocsAutomator able to handle line items yet? I know you mentioned it in an older YT Video.

DocsAutomator is able to handle line items, but the Glide integration is not currently. You would have to use a workaround with Make, Zapier, … happy to help with that, but I also published a video about it here: