Number entry for testing calculator

Texy entry for testing

what do you mean?

please compose your question differently, I don’t know what you mean… you wanna count users clicking your calculator tab?

Sorry sir I can’t speek English .I can not tell you exactly what I want to say

can you use google translator?


i see you are trying my Code BOOK… you need help with CSS? or how to apply it in Glide?

I want to create an agriculture related app. So different quantity of fertilizer are applied to each crop. So the old number should be erasing when the user counts the fertilizer and comes back and re-open the tab.


I’m not sure if I understood correctly…
Do you want to clear the value when entering the tab?
you can’t do that, there is no action when entering a tab
I would suggest, is copying all the elements from that tab… create a button with a custom action to show new screen, with the source from that tab… second action for that button will be to clear the number value…
now click that button… it will take you to the new screen… delete all elements and paste what you copied from the original tab

You understood correctly. If there is any screenshot or short video please post sir

Hey Srinavas,

Aap ko HINDI aati hai? Mein aap ki madad HINDI mein karsakta hu. Mein Glide ki applications ek saal se banaraha hu.

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