Nth value of an array

Is there any way to extract just the first value from an array column within glide tables? Relations manipulation is no good because I do not have anything to match it with. I just want to set a column equal to the first value within the array. Is this feasible?

Is it an array from a lookup column, or how is the array created? If it’s an array that’s generated from multiple rows, then you can try a single value column that points to the relation.

single value column…? maybe, set to first

My use case is that I have 1 customer with several upcoming order dates and I need to display his most upcoming one. I would usually just use a rollup function except his orders are all in the same row instead of columns :frowning: So I made a matrix of if, the, else columns to extract the earliest one. The problem is that this that the if, then, else function is tacking on a timestamp to the date of 12:00AM and I don’t want to display this to the user. So I can use split text to separate the date from the time but now can’t figure out how to remove the time all together.

hey… relax… just do rollup column with latest result… and never do separate entry in same row… create a sheet for each entry… redo your structure… you will be happy later

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Ok. You can’t pull out individual array items from a split text. Instead I would create a template column that “locks in” the formatting of the date. Then your IF matrix should pull out the formatted version as long as it grabs the template instead.