Notifications on iphone


I cannot receive notifications on iphone.

Can you help me?


IOS is not capable of receiving notifications. Only Android.

@jamal_hammou - best is to set up an automatic email alert via Zapier or a similar solution. Every time a new event (eg chat message) is triggered an email will be sent to the relevant user via Zapier.

@Jeff_Hager - do you know if this is likely to change soon?

It’s Apple, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. They are pretty set in their ways and like to keep their ecosystem pretty locked down. You can find plenty of conversations about it with a google search, so we aren’t the only ones with this dilemma.


Yep, got it. I was just curious if there were any rumors of changes from Apple’s side. I guess not.
The good news is that we don’t need to deal with all the complexities of running native apps through their app store. (-:

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@Jeff_Hager How can I trigger a notification from Glide. I tried custom actions to send notifications - but that just shows the notification on screen for both IoS and Android.
I was looking to trigger a notification on modification to a particular field in a record. Is that even possible?

These are the only times that an actual app notification will be sent.

There are no actions to allow you to trigger a native notification.

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