Notification Screen?

I want to make a notification screen for a portal i made where all the notification comes in anyone know how to do that???

What do the notifications consist of? All app activity?

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Example: instagram, youtube like that but then in glide……

How do you do that??

If you are referring to Push Notifications, these are currently not supported by Glide Apps.

no just where all the glide notifications ever sent stores

Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you explain a bit more please?

Do you mean you have a table of notifications that have already been sent that you want to view?

Exactly! How do you do that?

what @David_Gabler said :eyes:

If you have a table of notifications and you want to display a log of the notifications (maybe like a log of updates or news items in chronological order), then in the Builder/Display section, create a list or inline list that points to your table of notifications.

If you are referring to notifications in the usual sense of the term, notifications that are pushed to the device or browser, then as indicated above these types of notifications are not supported.

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Thank’s very much for your help but that is just not by a centimeter what I mean

Then you’ll have to be more specific. Give us a screen shot of the notifcations. Where are they? Google Sheets? Excel?


nevermind, lets keep the topic going

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