Notification (email) when forms submitted

So this is probably the case.

Please use this concept instead.


In my case, it opens my windows 10 mail handler and then I had to manually click send.
Is that same case as you?
Also how do you set to gmail?

I saw in my pro plan that email sent is 0 / 0
It means that it is not available for this plan? anyway to “boost” the plan to have this feature?

I’m going to remove all mandatory items, then test. Thanks

I would refer back to the Glide plan page for details.

It’s only available for Private Pro plans.

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Yay! I don’t know what happened, but I sent a test email from a button today, and I received it. I had to double check to see if there was a Zap, but NAW, it was all GLIDE! :heart_eyes: This issue for me is solved.

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