Notification after edit google spread sheet

hi, how to get a notification after edit cell in google spread sheet, pls help on this, thank u…

What type of notification?
And how is the edit being triggered? ie…

  • A change triggered by Glide?
  • A manual edit to the sheet?
  • A change made by a script?
  • A change made by a 3rd party such as Integromat or Zapier?
  • All or none of the above?

I want to paste youtube video url to the cell, it is live video, then it will run on my app, i want to give notification for other users to watch it…

How do you want your users to receive a notification?

Note that Glide doesn’t support push notifications, but there are other ways.
I do something similar in one of my apps, but using tags.
So when a new video is uploaded, it appears with a “New” tag:

The visibility of that tag is linked to a User Specific Boolean column, so as each user watches the video the tag is removed for that user.

Is this the sort of thing that you’re wanting to do?

Is this support only upload, can we get this after updating google sheet?

Can we use Zapier with glide to push notification…

Yes, when a new video is added the user specific column will be empty by default, and so the tag appears.

As I mentioned, Glide does not support push notifications (mainly because IOS does not support them for PWA). Others have found various workarounds, if you search for “push notification” you should find a few examples.