Notes move to wrong name when a new name is added


I have a list of names. Within the app, a user can add notes/comments to any name.

This is fine until a new name is added to the list - the notes then become associated with the person above the person they are supposed to be linked to.

Does anyone have 5 mins spare to pop inside the app/sheet to show me how to fix this? Have spent half a day on this puzzle but I’m guessing the solution is simple.


Can you include some screenshots or a video of your current settings and the behaviour you described above? Thank you.

Give me the link and I’ll take a look.

The problem is due to the fact I’ve built this from a pivot table, which I regret, but now too far into it to start again (will start again from scratch at some stage but need to get this to work in the meantime).

Anyway, the pivot tables are built from master list (first pic). The tables are filtered by Year (second pic). Second pic shows some notes, attached to the correct person. Notes are added via a Notes component (3rd pic).

The last screenshot shows what happens when I add a new name to the master list - Ava’s notes are now associated with another person as the pivot table has grown by a row.

This is one of those problems where the solution is right and probably very obvious but I can’t seem to figure it out.


It looks like the whole reason is because your pivot table rows change any time you add a new row or delete one. I would advise to start from scratch again with a normal table.

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I’d echo that advice.

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Yes no doubt. I’ve dug myself into a hole taking that approach and was hoping there might be a sheet trick I didn’t know about. Cheers for the input

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