Not being able copy to clipboard using iphone

Hi woke up this morning to a few customers saying their app wasn’t working. They have iphones and are unable to click the copy button and copy anymore. It was working a few days ago and now it stopped working. Is there any updates in glide that has happened or maybe iphone? Anyone else having this issue?

Can you reproduce the issue and send us a video?

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Apple released iOS 15 yesterday–did they upgrade?

I tested iOS 15 and copy works for me.

Yes even with the apple update my app users are getting the same issue and NOT being able to copy to clipboard when tapping on text.

Okay I went into the app and updated the action text just to be sure it is linked correctly.
When I press and hold the copy button in the app it no longer has a black box open confirming the copy so it seems like it isnt copying but it worked for me. Hopefully my customers will be okay with it… the complaints are rolling in… has anything changed in glide to make this happen?