Not able to see own profile in filter

i have one screen in app in which a user which is hr can see his/her employe like same company so I used filter for showing particular company to particular hr but jn this the hr can see his employe but cannot see his own profile

hr? jn? Man if you want help be as clear as possible with complete sentences and words. :neutral_face:

Actually in gsheet i have 12 user in which 5 are of company1 and another 5 are of company2 and there is hr of company1 and another hr of company 2 now In my app there is HR screen in which Each HR should see his comapany1 employee and same goes for another HR .I have implemented this thing but when HR of company 1 comes on that screen the HR is only able to see employee but i want that HR should also see his ownp profile with Employe profile

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I have done this by using filter

in this Pooja 2 is HR and the list is of employee so I want that hr profile should also be there with employee profile

Thanks. What is HR?

HR means company head

Shouldn’t you have a company column already and just assign the “company1” or “company2” value to that column for the HR as well?

Then just filter by that column.

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i have done this but i will try again