Not able to add Discord bot connection (Starter plan)


when I try to connect the Discord bot, after login and try to give the permission, an errore message told that?
What it means? I have other bots on that server an never had any problems here

I have sent this to the team. Will update you when I hear anything.

Ok many thanks…you will write me here?

Yes, I would update you here if I hear anything.

The team asked you to open a support ticket and send the ticket number here to escalate. Thank you!

Wait…I have starter plan, so I haven’t contact support button as you told me.
How can I do? I pay for this feature, I need it working.

I’m also having this issue and have been unable to reach any support.

Loved Glide so far, but it seems like that the company is taking money for integrations, not maintaining them, and then blocking off any support. Will likely change platforms soon

I’m thinking that Glide has only hit the quota and has failed to maintain the feature

we are paying for this…we pass to Starter plan for Discord! And it not work. No good.

any update on this issue ?