No Option to Filter By User Data

I’ve lost the option to filter by User in the ‘in-app filter’ section today!

I have a sheet called "Users’ in my Google Sheet. I had one of my Tabs setup to filter by users with a specific access level but this has now disappered!

Bottom of filter section where ‘Users’ option should be:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

The second filter shows a dash where it used to say Users.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 14.03.24

Flip your filter around. User is no longer in the first field. It’s only in the second field after the condition.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. So how can I now setup a filter based on a users access level?
Screenshot 2020-06-17 14.21.31

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Interesting question, now that you ask this I’m wondering as well.

It is really frustrating as I had it all working. Was allowing access to one tab for premium users only and now I can’t restrict access at all. Would be great to have the functionality back or another solution offered please!

Can you create a column in the sheet that’s filled with advanced or basic as the value.

Looks like you really should be using visibility instead of a filter in your case.

There is also the new feature to hide or show a tab that’s coming.

I’ve added a column for ‘Gold’ which is what I am calling the paid version, but it isn’t working.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 15.33.05

I’m using the ‘Cards’ style on the tab in question which doesn’t seem to have an option for ‘visibility’.

Are you saying there is a new featuring coming soon? Do you know when this is? Thanks.

Tab visibility is coming, it has already been available in staging so I expect it will be 1-2 weeks at most before it’s in production.


What’s the value in your Gold column and what’s the value in the Access Level column? Are you previewing as a user that has gold level status?

If you are using details style view with an inline list in the cards style, then you will have the visibility option.

I’m guessing tab visibility settings will be available in a week or two.


Tab visibility is exactly what I need. I can wait. Thanks both.