No of Edits more than New Rows

Dear Community,

We are very puzzled with how the Edit updates can be so much MORE than the new rows added, when there isn’t much edits are required in our workflow! .

How could we check what are the 10000 over edit updates that are occurring in just 9 days? We have only 300 over users, only less than 10% of these users have access to edit updates, the rest are just views.

Any advise is deeply appreciated.

Check through all your actions, and look for any that do a Set Column Values. Every one of those will count as one (edit) update each time the action is triggered. Also check your API usage - API calls also consume updates.


Hi Darren, thanks!

Hi hi Would like to confirm if we have a photo array here, when user view the array, every swipe of will be counted as 1?

In this case no, there shouldn’t be any updates incurred by swiping through an image array.

It would be different if you were using a swipe layout on a Classic App, because every swipe would be updating the “Last Swiped” column value.

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Noted & Thanks for the prompt reply!

Why would anyone want to design using SWipe layout when it will be very costly give the way glideapp is charging now.

If i have 100 employees, and 200 users, every swipe will be a cost! Can’t imagine!

Glideapps is getting very costly.

Swipe was a fun layout we made during a hackathon years ago, and is no longer supported. Glide’s business model is not designed for the swipe component.


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