No More Private Apps for multiple Users?

Couldn’t agree more!

Our mission to is create a billion new software developers by 2030, but we’re only 18 months into this journey. To achieve our goal, we will have to reinvent our product, pricing, roles, and every other aspect of the company many times.

Most of these changes, like new features, will benefit you immediately for free. Other times, this will not be the case. But we make these changes in service of creating a more awesome Glide for everyone. So, if you like the direction Glide is headed and you want more of it, please bear with us through the growing pains! I promise you’re going to love what Glide will become.


Thank you!

@david i was assuming this decision would come sooner or later and fair on your part but from customer or developers point of you few feature are below par. Lets take this case. I am creating a demo for a customer and multiple stackholder with different roles would like to access the app before paying for it. So for each feature that is being restricted should have a buffer like for Password Protected have max 5 users. If people like that are gonna pay for it. I paid because i wanted to explore more of glide and enjoy being glider :slight_smile:.
My request would be to give some buffer small buffer for each feature to atleast showcase apps to stackholders. Also you need to take into consideration geographical aspect for payment part, people restrict paying until they realise the benefit and people are afraid of using credit card. If you new user your 6 month Pro is without credit card submit that would be a game changer.


I am a big lover of Glide and a big ambassador of Glide, but I think expectation management is the main issue here. People coming from a tech background know that a startup is looking for a product-market fit and sometimes that means taking unexpected directions. But you want to be there for the masses and people without tech background don’t realise that. So I think a lot of it is communication and expectation management.

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What do you mean by “get value by row”? Can you elaborate?

@david I didn’t see a coupon can our recent upgrade be credited?

Hi @david I also would like to register my disapproval

  • not of you plans but more how they are handled (communicated) and the options you give

I think you have received enough feedback about the lack of clarity/transparency and how a few days notice of a change is not really adequate

Can I focus on the options for a minute
whilst you are publicly stating a very binary choice (free vs pro), you do provide incremental options in terms of boosts.
Why cant password protection be a low value boost?
Your argument is simply that if you are business why not pay for pro, but I think you will find many of your users are volunteers for non-profits who make glide apps as an altruistic gesture, and you have now made this difficult.
Every app made with Glide is showcasing your platform, I would have thought you want to encourage as many apps as possible to spread your brand, as well as simultaneously encouraging upgrades to pro for businesses - not discouraging (eg because of privacy of data and cost) people from even offering to make an app to start with.
Also what is your expectation of a personal app that only has one user? Not all developers live in their mothers basement and write an app just for themselves. In my experience most apps are written to share or co-ordinate something - even personal ones in a limited way, hence a single user only is an extreme restriction, leading to much reaction.

In summary my suggestions for you are:

  1. make password protection in multiples of say 50 people a boost, as opposed to pro feature
  2. for personal (as you are now calling free tier) you need to think of family groups and partners if that is really your intended market. In my opinion one user only is a ridiculous restriction and it should be 5 (or at very least 2) for personal.

Other than this sudden change which has us all antsy (- with good reason IMO)
I think glide is really great platform and I look with interest at the development of it into app store ready submissions.
I do think you need to consider a tier/functionality between personal and Pro for non-profits and small business but like most other users here I am wishing for your continued success.