No Actions for Form Elements

Is there a reason why you can’t add actions to individual Form elements? Use case is I’m trying to create a decision-tree app that will route/navigate users through the app based on the answers to each question. For example, each question will be followed by a Yes and No checkbox and I need to add actions to each checkbox so I can route the users appropriately based on their answer.

For example, user chooses “Yes” which would trigger a “Go to tab” action to route the user to the correct screen — choosing “No” would trigger a separate “Go to tab” action that takes user to a different page.

I would not say it’s “no actions for form elements”, it’s “no actions for the checkbox element”. Regardless of where you add the checkbox, it would not allow you to add any actions.

Hi, @ThinhDinh. I appreciate the input. For me, none of the Form Elements shown below allow actions to be added; the only place actions can be added in Forms is to a Form Container. That’s what you’re seeing correct? Thx

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Yes that’s correct. I should have said “no entry components” to be clearer. My point is wherever you add them, you wouldn’t be able to add actions to it, not just forms.

And vice versa, say for a collection that allows you to add actions anywhere, you should be able to add an action to it in a form environment.

And yeah, it would be dope if we can add actions. I think the most requested one is for the choice component (say you choose a value and then we can do something more).

Yeah, that would be great. I found we can add actions to choice component values inside a Form container but, of course, then that also add’s a Submit button to the layout. Weird that actions can be added to choice components inside a Form container but not the standard Container component.

Umm… where do you see that you can add an action to a choice component in a form container???

Hi, Jeff. While trying to figure out a workaround for my use case, I found that if I use a Choice component inside a Form container I can target the Choice component by customizing the after/submit action to send users to different tabs in the app based on the choice they made, as needed by my decision-tree app.

But, like I mentioned above, it won’t solve the issue because I can’t change the default Form container’s button to say “Next” or something similar. :\

OK, so it’s the On Submit action on the form itself, not the choice component inside the form. So changing the choice will not trigger an action, but the submit button will. Just making sure I wasn’t missing some new feature.

You wouldn’t necessarily have to use a form container. A choice component and a button component could essentially do the same thing. Let the user make their choice, then set a custom action on the button to do something based on that choice. The choice component could fill a user specific column and the button action would look at the value in that user specific column to determine what it should do. Plus you can name the button whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about it adding unnecessary rows every time you click on it.

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Hi, Jeff. I appreciate the recommendation. I did build out a version doing that — using custom actions on each button (Yes/No) to navigate users based on their answer.

However, what I’m trying to solve is if there is a discrete way to save progress for users without having them sign in. Most online form builders come with built-in functionality to enabled temporary browser caching — users can start a form, close the browser, return to the form using the same browser and pick up where they left off as long as they haven’t cleared their cache and it’s been less than 15 days.

That’s why I experimented with the form route but Glide doesn’t yet allow for custom text on the submit action button and, from what I’ve been told, doesn’t have the temp browser cache functionality.

If you have any other suggestions to accomplish my use case, I’m all ears and would appreciate any insight you may have. TIA if you haven’t anything to suggest and, as always, I appreciate your time. Thx!