News app with Glide,

I have been working on this news app for 2 weeks and finally finishing my work and it is ready to be published, you can access the news app without an email, and only registered email can edit and delete the news as well as uploading them. the news is still a prototype, not the original news from my country East Timor - which is far east in Southeast Asia. The reason to do this app is that I moved to England for the past decade and very hard to find trustworthy news especially mobile news app, and I am very glad that Glide has helped me find the right solution. I have been working closely with one of the independent news that I have found very trustworthy and they are really excited about the project that I have been doing and really want to collaborate with me. Hopefully, this will be the step to finally access news from my country. [Tempo Timor News ](


Well done you on taking the initiative. I wish you all the best with your news app.

Thank you so much :blush: