News App with AI Integration – Seeking Feedback and Assistance!

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently developed an app using glide that curates top headlines and offers users the unique ability to ask an AI questions about any article. I’m really excited about this project and would love to get your feedback.

Some features include:

  • Curated daily headlines.
  • AI-powered insights on any article.
  • Fren or english languages

I’d appreciate any feedback on the design, functionality, or any other aspect. Also, if you’ve done something similar or have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.
It’s amazing what we can achieve with glide, and I’m eager to learn from this community.

Additionally, I’ve encountered a small issue I hope someone can help with. When users connect to the app, their addresses are anonymized, which is great for privacy. However, the generated names are a bit quirky, like “” or “”. Is there a way to modify this to have more professional-sounding names?

Thank you in advance!

No, you can’t modify that.

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I clicked “Send a question” and sometimes it takes forever to show me anything.

I’m not sure why, but this switch doesn’t allow me to switch it on until I log in. Maybe there’s a filter on your tab that makes the screen not connect to any rows when users are not logged in.

Good morning sir,

First of all, thank you for you time .

For the switch " english", in the data base I made it with a checkbox who show one or the other collection ( the french one or the english one) . At the moment I cant do it without login as it is based on each user.
Do you have any idea ??

For the question, it is strange, I tried many many times and I never had such bug like you mentionned. So yes, it can take time, especially when the answer is long but It always show something.

I will investigate !

Thank you,

You could use two switches - one that is shown when the user is signed in, and one that is shown when they are not. For the one that’s shown to visitors, point it at a User Specific column in the table that screen is attached to.

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