Newbie YouTubie

Hello everyone! I gone mad and started a YouTube channel accidentally) So please welcome! Some interesting stuff is going to be here (I hope).

There’re a couple of videos already, come and check this out)


you are a funny guy… love your videos :wink:
you forgot to paste codes to copy…

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Oh, thank you)
I thought about posting code, but hey, when you type it with your own fingers they remember it, no?)

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hahaha… let them pause the video and type from memory LOL… you inspire me to redo my Dictionary 170K rows… in a free app :wink: I was thinking about it for a long time, but I was lazy


Hi, Igor! Please continue to inspiring Uzo! It will be great to have so rich experience library from Guru!


So I went down this Rabbit hole and redesigned my English Dictionary App LOL.
Now you can have unlimited editable rows in the Free Glide App, that you can view and edit!
@11183 I have to change your code because, with my extensive database ( 163,820 rows!), it was slow and could only search up to 40 thousand rows.

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Wel, 16000 or 160000 for free app off course is Kung Fu!
But what about update? App starting query eminently after first letter. Does it still useful for free Apps? Or it about just a Kung Fu skills?
However, because my poor English i had been another expected meaning of "rich experience library from Guru.
And we remember link to your rich library.
Also thanks!

and this is also a beautiful part of this trick… takes Zoro Glide updates! is all done in Glide Tables and USC columns, my Google Sheet with data is not connected :rofl:

Yes, unconnected GS is a similar like Igor’s video. Thats why you write here. But I naively assumed you can share you experience like Igor(to study able for folks)

And i don’t understand beautifully of Zoro updates?

I will make video, maybe tomorrow… I got new projects to finish

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Yeeah Cancel mondays!:firecracker:

Hahaha… I have only 160K words there, english has over a million… so you won’t find all. It is just my testing data sheet. And yes, let’s cancel Monday’s… i hate them lol

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You can add Monday now! LOL. I think my free app is faster than the Glide business plan and I have unlimited rows and edits :rofl:

Pagination! Whoa :eyes: Impressive!

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Thank you… i still have some ideas how to improve it more, when i have time, but pretty good speed for 160K rows of data, plus time to send and receive responses, and create Glide inline list from that. I’m impressed too, lol

OMG!!! I cut it down to under 3 seconds !!! and mobile on 4G in under 5 seconds !!!
Now I can do big query Apps for my customers on a free plan LOL :rofl:

This is my new BABY!

and after 4 days of playing with 160K rows with two Apps, only 32 updates… this is Amazing!

I just try a new way… and is under 2 seconds… but way too much work… so I will rest on what I have now.

Okay we want a video!) At least a glimpse :eyes:

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yes, I will… still working on it… looking better and better :wink:

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@11183 now is finished! it goes under 3sec sometimes, I add new cool features… how fast is it at your end? mobile and desktop speed?