Newbie YouTubie

Mobile, home wi-fi
2.5 spins of the loading wheel

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wow! faster than Glide itself when you have a pro plan and all 25K rows… and this is 160K rows LOL

It’s becoming illegal)

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ill try to make a video for you tomorrow, I have to go to a party now :wink:

Okay, have fun! You definitely deserve that)

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I’m gonna work on the version, that you have all inline list elements,…

  1. Image
  2. Header
  3. Title
  4. Details
  5. Favorite
  6. Tag
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar text
  9. Caption
  10. Email
  11. Row Owner
  12. Extra Value 1
  13. Extra Value 2
  14. Extra Value 3

All editable… you can add or delete it… Search… set up CSS colors and sizes… and much more…
it will be your own App inside Glide App :rofl:

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Mystery! Just now customer asked me SKU checker for unlimited rows.
Wel, we need edit screen, hide send button and show custom button to trig web hook?
But how to open edit screen without action…
Write back to glide api or to gs? But, when we had to received result we will take update?
May be, update not so important now…
Well, may be my video will come faster? :slight_smile: May be…
May be all of though is oversupply?

:wink: I see, that i have a million $ idea LOL… it is really unlimited rows, and edits… and really fast!

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Wow is a key: million ideas per one $!!! :slight_smile: I remember you already told as this!!!

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how many rows of data your customer has? it is in Google Sheets?

Now I’m waiting detailed task from customer

ok… let me know… I can write codes for him… and split $ with you… but I have to make adjustments to the App… it is very complicated to convert payload into Glide rows

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Ok, ok, but i think, experience is in an priority for me, compared money. For now

this is a minimum $2500 job… we can split 70% - 30% :wink:

I think, heart of this community is sharing experience, no money, if much more developers had rich skills there, so David earn much more money from sale of Glide services.

I don’t work for Glide lol

I know

Off course, if i can’t provide enough solution for customer, i will redirect for you.

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You mean script inside glide app?