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Is it possible to create an app using geo fencing to play certain audio files depending on where you are? I want to create an app that is essentially a walking tour of my city for tourists. Lots of app-makers can do that, but I’ve never found one that knows where you are and plays a sound file appropriate to it. I can imagine a tourist walking around listening to the app, looking at tourist attractions and then moving on, guided by the app to the next location.

You are in luck. The new distance column would let you do that. You could have a list of attractions with their coordinates or address. Then create a distance column that that will calculate the distance from the user’s current location. You can then filter the list to only show attractions within a certain distance. The user can open that attraction and click play on an Audi commonest for that attraction.

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Thanks for your reply but I’m not sure it’s what I want. I want the app to know where the user is and to feed them audio files appropriate to the location. It should be able to say, for example, “I see you’re at Attraction A. This is interesting because bla… bla… bla… If you head towards the waterfront from your location you’ll get to Location B.”

Also, it looks like you have to leave the app and use Apple Maps or Google Maps while travelling. I suppose the app could prompt the user by saying at the end of his blurb “click the button for Attraction B and follow directions. It’s a 3-minute walk.”

There’s no option in Glide to automatically play audio. It can only provide a list based on distance, or show components based on distance. The user will still have to tap on the play button.

If you want to provide directional navigation, then yes it will take them out of the app since glide maps do not provide directions. However, you can show the attraction on a map as well as the user’s current location and they can figure out how to navigate themselves.

Thanks-- I think I can still get most of what I want. Glide seems like a great way to do this.

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