New User of the month ☺️ Who? Me? How?

What have I done?
Happy Friday (or Thursday or Saturday?) to all :cherry_blossom::compass:


It means that you’ve made a positive impact on the community, which you have :+1:
Enjoy it, and bask in your glory :wink:


Thks, Darren :relaxed:.
The mindset of this community is a model that’s a valuable top bonus is any new product to include and seriously invest on.

I easily find answers of questions inside other answers.

Like the 2 answers you provide me, Darren, initiated from 1 post that was not even mine!

Inspiration. Divergent thinking.


I second this, best community I’ve ever been a part of.


Thks, ThinhDinh!
How about the technical magic in backstage?
I’d like to integrate a “Mood Bar” with a Mood Mascot (empathy) with this kind of “rewarding messages” that takes into account history, time stamps, date of day, to contextualize messages to the user.
From a floating button.
How would you integrate such smart feature? Even an early step. I don’t expect to achieve this before 2023! I think I’ll need budget for that.

For now, I only have a cycle through fixed messages with at least the user first name.

Must be a third-party tool to integrate, but, how would you do?

How much “contextual” do you want? What type of message do you want to send to the user?

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Let me get my Miro Mindmap I did back from February, and you’ll get the idea.
My theory is that as human being, we all search for the top of Maslow’s Pyramid.
In job Life, but above all, in LIFE.
Through Belonging (Community).
And that’s not really the awesome features that keep us loyal to adopt a Product for good. To even recommend it to our peers, our family, our descendants, etc. It’s the Story we build.
So: emotions as 1st CTA trigger.
But I want considerate CTA, to respect the user/customer. For long-term Customer Lifetime Value.
So if I can just find the essence of what a human being, when, why, how he/she needs, just by his/her mood. I’m sure I can find out the origins of any acquisition. Why we want to own sth. And how much we’re ready to spend our valuable time for it. Even our Reputation, or money?

Grapevine Communication (so outside the regular meeting rooms, but rather coffee, lunch, smokers’ breaks, chit chat, etc.) leads to 80 % of official and even strategic decisions.
So, if a Mood Mascot can “capture” these ideations, brainstormings, while helping to empathize with other members (even as preventive actions to spot “suicidal patterns” (yes :sweat: that still happens), imagine how it would be?

So, here are the previous User Flow & Mind Map dated back February, when the initial project was for an ESN (Enterprise Social Network). I pivoted it for my actual “student but real future project”, to differ the Social Networking to later stages (ambitious ones).
But you get the empathy idea.
And the tech needs required to get the date/time, history of user actions.
The easiest entry point would be I assume the current floating button to open the “Mood Bar” and the messages.

How would you do that? I don’t expect it to be featured in Glide, but triggered from Glide to reach sth like a “symbolic metaverse”.
Droplet is well a droplet with a feather on its head. A mascot that changes color and appearance (droplet & feather shapes) to reflect your mood. It can be like a pet moving around on screen, like a imprevisible cat.

I’m still not quite sure if I fully get this flow. So if you click a button then a message needs to be shown based on previous input from the user inside the app?

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In the Glide App, this flow becomes (hypothesis)

  1. floating button with a Droplet
  2. click on it opens a screen (tab, detail? I have not figure it out yet)
  3. screen displays an empathy message
    1st one “Hi, ThinhDinh, I’m Droplet, your Mood Mascot. Can I take your mood? Let me reflect it💧”
    The initial choice of moods is fixed to a short set, default: “Grumpy (don’t ask)”.

next time (another session for ex) “Hi, ThinhDinh, what’s your mood, now?”

So 1st thing: change messages to only show it once to each user. Droplet should not introduce itself more than once, otherwise it’s annoying.
BTW I know how to show the first name.

2nd thing: Droplet changes colors and appearances according to the chosen mood. That, I know how to do it (I think I’ve done it already)

Now the networking part:

  1. You see the total & % of members sharing your mood: you’re not alone.

4 You see their Droplet (or your Team only) and can click on each of them to send empathy message.

  1. You see their empathy message, when they show empathy for you

  2. You can reply to them, by clicking on your own Droplet to change mood, or reply to them. That can be a simple inline list with their names and droplet icons. Clicking on each opens a preset of actions + custom message. And it’s easy to compute the total of each mood.

  3. The Mood Bar is a safe chat place where you “meet” other Droplets to share your mood. Droplet is only a Mood Mascot/Avatar, not your avatar. That’s the nuance.

Let’s take the amazing Robot of this Glide Community. Is it sth that internal Glide Team builds or can we all integrate this kind of smart AI robot in our own apps?
With set up for its reward conditions, messages, history, stats, etc. ?
Are there such tools we can add to maximize the experience?