New Table Data Sorting

The new table is great but can we please add the ability to do two things with respect to column sorting:

  1. Turn off sorting for any given column.

  2. Have a display value and a sort value for each column (the default being that they are the same value). This will ensure, if needed, that the data sorts correctly. For example my values of AB 123, AB 124, AB 12, AB 1236, do not sort correctly. But I’ve created a second column that adds leading zeros so that everything is AB0012, etc. This sorts correctly and I’d like that to be the value that is sorted while the other is displayed.

As I mentioned in another post, this isn’t just a convenience. Allowing the user to sort by a value that doesn’t sort properly breaks the table because there’s no way to say “undo sort”. Once they click it they basically toggle between ascending and descending values that aren’t in the proper order.

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