New Pricing and Google Sheets


Just wrapping my head around the new pricing schemes and see that updates are unlimited as long as they do not use an external source. I assume Google Sheets counts as an external source, even if it was used as a base when first starting an app. So whenever I add a row to the sheet it’s an update?

What about computed columns that live inside a Google Sheet table? If they are not visible in the actual sheet do they count as updates (e.g. if they update within the table via a relation from another table)?

I will attempt to rebuild the app using Glide tables only but wonder how users can easily copy and paste data from their source into a Glide table? This was pretty much the only reason I used Google Sheets in the first place - the ability to easily paste in 100+ rows at a time and use spreadsheet tools like auto-fill etc.

I’m guessing the new pricing structure will lead to more requests for the ability to convert a Google Sheet table to a Glide table. I see that this is an existing feature request - any indication if it might be given more priority?

Yes, adds, edits and deletes to external data sources all count as updates. Nothing has changed here.

Computed columns do not consume updates, except for some of those related to integrations. Any column or action that consumes updates will inform you of this when you add it.

Copy/paste works in the Glide Data Editor. For larger data sets you have the option to CSV import.

Not that I am aware of.


Thanks Darren, helps a lot.

I notice that when pasting into a Glide table you need to make room by adding the required number of rows in advance. Not as convenient as a sheet but not a big deal. Never tried a csv import, will check it out :+1:t2:

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