New GlideApp feature... New Restaurant App Feature

Withe the new Glide features I have now finally been able to print orders from the app automatically.
Thanks Glide!!!


Sweet! Did you do this with Zapier or something else?

Yes with Zapier :slight_smile:

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@Fabio_Leanzi excellent work! How great is that :+1:

Think you are going to have to tell folks on the community how you achieved this wizardry


Yes, please do!

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It was really simple, through zapier I created an automation that sends an email with the order details.
I configured a Raspberry Pi4 with a terminal printer that reads all the mails that arrive and automatically prints the message body


This is sweet! Well done!

Well done!

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Wow that’s really impressive, thanks.

Great done!

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great, can you explain please, or give us a tuto


Your printer is connected to the Raspberry and it is the one that receives the mail so that you can send the printout, is that correct? There is no other method that does not depend on the Raspberry? I have to do something like what you did to print the sales note.
Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find other systems for automatic printing.
I have created a system with manual printing, by pressing a button it sends the note to the printer, in this case there is no need for a PC.

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But. Do you use Template + JoinList? It will merge all text to be single line. If you send email it can’t be separate all text as line. Pls explain more.

If you want the results of a joined list on separate lines, replace the default comma separator with a new line (enter or return key on your keyboard).

If the result is being sent in an email, you may need to use an HTML line break tag, eg. <br>

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So, it cannot be automatically. It needs some manual operation.
I use Integromat to transfer data from Glide to Google sheet. I have only one problem to break the lines.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the problem. You will need to show me.

I had posted this issue for a while. After I saw solution from Fabio that match my desire. It should solve my problem too.

Anyway, my export joined data look like this.
item0001, pen, 10.00, item0002, pencil, 15.00, item0003, desk, 13.00

I would like Google Sheets or any platfrom to break line to be different row.

My required display on Excel / Google Sheets is
item0001, pen, 10.00
item0002, pencil, 15.00
item0003, desk, 13.00

This can be separated to be column easier.

Did you try what I suggested earlier?

Back to my reply. Does it need manual operation? Can it do automatically by something?