New GlideApp feature... New Restaurant App Feature

Withe the new Glide features I have now finally been able to print orders from the app automatically.
Thanks Glide!!!


Sweet! Did you do this with Zapier or something else?

Yes with Zapier :slight_smile:

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@Fabio_Leanzi excellent work! How great is that :+1:

Think you are going to have to tell folks on the community how you achieved this wizardry


Yes, please do!

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It was really simple, through zapier I created an automation that sends an email with the order details.
I configured a Raspberry Pi4 with a terminal printer that reads all the mails that arrive and automatically prints the message body


This is sweet! Well done!

Well done!

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Wow that’s really impressive, thanks.

Great done!

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great, can you explain please, or give us a tuto

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