New Glide Template Suggestions & Ideas 🧪

Hey Guys! Let me ask you here…

I have been thinking about starting to create some varied App Templates. For free, or at a fair price and submit them in Glide Templates, just like the last two I did of Be Santa.

I have some ideas and we have a bunch of great apps submitted yet there, but I would like to know from you too, what would you guys certainly copy or buy (not only from me, but from other talents here) if we created a model there? I want app suggestions. You can reply to this topic with your suggestions that I will write down and create all that you ask for here.

Thank you! :grin:


Greeting Lucas,

I see value in apps in the ‘construction project management software’ space, here are 2 product examples:

these are quality products but difficult to implement in an organization that only has 1 person using 10% of their time for IT projects.

Glide would fill a nice role for smaller companies that want fast deployment with quick modifications, since often requirements are realized after product is in use in the field.