🔠 New Font Styles!

Your app’s font defaults to your device’s system font. However, in your app’s settings you can now choose between a number of other styles:‌

  • System
  • Modern
  • Editorial
  • Future


That’s really cool, thank you!

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Nice! I’ll need to play with this. Is it one fort style per app or per component?

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It is per app, I believe.

Custom fonts someday :crossed_fingers:


This is really cool! The editorial style is very close to my brand, love it and thank you.

@JackVaughan and team, congrats for all of you guys! Day by day, week by week i’m still more excited about every update you all do! Thank you so much for all of this! :star_struck:


Okay, but I can’t decide between system and modern :racehorse:. All really cool!Tx

This is great but I notice some slight irregularities between the System & Modern versions.

  • Tag: padding is slightly off and judging by the shape of the G it is not the modern font you’re using (which I think is Poppins?)

  • Header: again, judging from the shape of G this doesn’t appear to be using the modern font.

You can see what I’m talking about in the screenshot below…

Thanks for sharing this.

@Jason :point_up:t3:


I like the new choice of fonts, but I’d prefer to keep all my apps with the old font (Roboto, I was told). I have kept my apps all set to “System”. I noticed, though, that the labels in embedded chart images (i.e., a chart from Google Sheets) have all changed to a serif font. See images below.

In sheet:

In app:

Is the system font “roboto” for sure? That’s my brand font for text on my site.

Upon inspecting the coding behind:

  • Modern: Nunito Sans
  • Editorial: Lato
  • Future: Cairo
  • System: It returns -apple system for my Mac
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@JackVaughan & @Jason - was this issue fixed? Fonts still look a bit wonky as per my screenshot above.

@JackVaughan can you please advise what fonts are in use for Editorial. Thank you.

Do I understand correctly, there are only 4 fonts to choose from? Or is it that there are 4 font categories, each of which contain a selection of fonts? I do not see the same options in my app builder window as shown in your video clip here. I have a Pro account. Here is what I see (Modern, System, Editorial, Future)

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There are only 4 fonts. Those are the examples of text using each.

Is that due to the limitations of universal fonts- these are the only 4 that work properly across platforms…or is that more will be forthcoming?

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I am not sure why there is currently a limited number of fonts, or why we can’t yet upload custom fonts. there have been requests in the community for more options and custom fonts so hopefully we’ll see that happen at some point soon! The font is one very visual way to convey the brand tone/voice so I hope we have more options soon. For example on webflow we can use API key to use all Adobe fonts or Google fonts. There seems to be some bias for Google with Glide so a complete list of Google fonts would be awesome! @JackVaughan All Google Fonts please! :star_struck:


Good point.

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