New Favicon for Glide Community

May I ask Glide Staff to change the favicon of as they did for
It will be easier to switch between tabs… Different colors possibly…
Thank you !!

What specific favicon are you mentioning here, and how would it help your case?

I think I understand what he’s asking. I often have 20 or 30 tabs open in my browser. Several tabs are open for the glide builder, the community, and the glide documentation. It gets hard to differentiate which is which.

In the image below, the first tab is the builder, the second is the community, and the third is the documents. At least the documents have a different shape. Maybe different colors would help, or maybe a sub-icon or badge to give a clue which is which. Maybe a gear overlayed on the builder icon, a silhouette of a person on the community icon, and a document on the documents icon.


Yes. That’s it :+1: