New Data Pad

Many of you spotted this through David’s recent announcement on Twitter.

We now have a new ‘Data Tab’ within the Layout area of Glide. This lets you edit the data of the current details screen, change column types and add new columns – all without visiting the data editor :exploding_head:.

Glide’s UI is growing now, so I’ve added a new section to the docs that explains it step by step. Let me know if you think I’ve missed something.


I’ve already use this UI feature several times over this past week. So convenient!


Wonder if heading title “Actions (coming soon)” gives the impression that Actions is not currently in production? I read the intent as, ‘UI changes to Actions coming soon’.


Yea, I thought about this. I’m trying to introduce the high-level patterns of Glide. It’s not true to say that Actions is one of these yet - but it will be soon.

I think you’re right though - have changed.

I was just thinking of a first-time reader with little prior knowledge and having to figure out if Actions is in production or soon to be in production. I often feel like a first-time reader (even if I’ve read it before) so easy for me to feign ‘little prior knowledge’. (smile).



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:roll_eyes:… thanks!

… I had a stutter when I wrote this.




@JackVaughan How did you get the map image to display as the photo on the profile and task card?

Title component also has this option. Sorry - we could document this better!

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Thanks so much!