🆕 New containing screen context for conditions

You’re trying to have something like this?

Not exactly. I’d like to create 4 levels and more dependent lists. My sample has 2 of them. The case is to create a single form that will remember all selected values. Your provided sample won’t remember the first list and other selected fields when user selects N-th list.

Sorry but It doesn´t works on a form.

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We’ll look into it.


@Mark @Max_Makhrov I have the same issue: No matter which Filter I select, the items displayed don’t change

If Category 1 is selected, app displays items labelled Category 1
If Category 2 selected, app still displays items labelled Category 1

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In a form or on a screen? If on a screen, I had to use a user specific column as a go-between. Couldn’t do that with a form, though, because forms can’t write to a user-specific column.

It is on a screen

If only displaying items, shouldn’t the conditional filtering still work without using user specific columns?

Is it on a user profile like screen where every user gets their own choice component row?

It is the Home Screen of the app with Four Categories as cards/tiles.

The intent is for the user to tap the Category they would like which then links to a screen view with the relevant filter applied.

I’m trying different iteration using Cards/Tiles/Inline lists but the filtering seems static,i.e I see the same options regardless of the category selected

Is there a choice component along with the tiles? Can you send a screenshot?

Worked it out with the help of someone from the Glide team using relations instead of the conditional filter.

But it was still not working after the switch. Oddly enough, when I copied and pasted the values from the choice component to the item catalogue, it finally worked.

I couldn’t see any typo that could be causing the issue but it now works

Cannot be done via a form. Dependent lists feature is possible with this scheme:

  1. Create screen 1 for user select. Screen1 should have one enrty done to let things happen
  2. Create dependent lists there
  3. Create a form button that shows when a user did the last choice
  4. Use prefilled fields inside a form. The form should link a separate sheet to collect results.

Nice that is works in a such way! Thank you Glide and experts!

Note: list in screen1 could be user-specific to show the last selected item for each user. Nice bonus!

I’ve updated my sample to show how it’s possible:

Any chance there’s been an update on this working for forms??


Wow was just looking for this post so I could ask the same question! It would be suuuuper helpful.


@Lisa What in particular is not/should work for forms?

@Mark The filter comparing the value to a list of values or relation field.

I’m referring to my case earlier in this thread.

Ah, sorry. That’s not particular to forms, though, right? That kind of condition could be used anywhere.

It would be great if it could! From the thread, it seemed like others tried this in other areas but particularly, it did not work with forms.

Can’t wait for that to be available! :exploding_head:

@Mark do you have any forecast for that to be implemented? I have an app on Pro ready to go but I can’t release it without that feature.

If I could explain you my use case, perhaps you could recommend me an workaround:

I have an appointments sheet that registers appointments for many stores, however, to save rows, I have just one sheet that holds the possible hours to be appointed.

I need to filter the choice component to not show hours that are on a lookup list, but it lacks the “in” relation on filter component.