New computed column: Math

That’s right. Getting it to work in the spreadsheet is super simple. However, in this case the lag in calculation completely destroys the user experience. There needs to be instant calculations so users can instantly see which times are available or not. Otherwise I’ll get double bookings.

Understood. That makes perfect sense if you are using your date calculation within the use case of a booking.

Addition and subtraction of numbers is available. It seems like it is only a question of time until you can compute other objects such as dates or time. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

I really like this feature, awesome work and all the updates that followed. Is there anyway to use it with columns from different sheets in the file. Thanks!

Hi Heber,

I think you can use relations & lookups to get those columns into the same sheet within Glide editor. Then you can compute something new from them.

Hey, thanks so much.

It worked perfectly! :+1:

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I used the MATH field to compute a revised date based on U.S. Eastern Time in place of UTC. Calculation works and the data are in the Glide table and display in the app builder. But, the data do not show up in the live app. I get a hazy gray line. Something going on here? Ideas welcome.

What do you mean by a hazy gray line? Do you have a screenshot?

Screenshots attached.

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That’s progressive bar

Can you share what column you’re picked to show the results on it?

A MATH column that changes a datetime calculation. (takes a datetime and subtracts five hours from it)

Looks like a bug to me. Probably you can contact support about this.

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Lucas, what do you think?

Resolved. Not sure how.