New app for dentists

Hello! having a real blast using Glide! Here’s my new app. My goal was to make it look different, slick and user friendly, specifically for Dental offices. I did research to see what dentists sites look like and what info they provide.

As a newbie to Glide apps I struggled a bit with some things but learned a lot along the way. I think the most advanced feature I use is in the Insurance page, where based on the insurance they choose it shows them if it’s supported or not as well as the appropriate icon. I used if/then columns and a few more things to make it happen.

I’m a bit frustrated that I can’t center the titles on cards, it should look better, but here it goes.

Would love your feedback


Nice job @SuperMerabh!

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Thanks @darder :relaxed:

Very well designed! Great look.


Thanks @ThinhDinh :star_struck:

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We understand. Frankly, not a big deal.

Very nice and well designed app. The one thing that’s unique and very different is the monochrome theme. As long as the Dentist wants it. Right?

I really liked the insurance section. Very well thought out.

Great job @SuperMerabh


Hello, I really liked your app. the construction and the minimalist interface.
As feedback/suggestions:
I believe that a clear theme would be better suited to the public / final objective: dentists = cleanliness and clarity. (despite I like the dark one)
A second opinion is that the “book now” button seems to take me to another external website / app, so why not connect an integrated calendar via webview?
I had the same problem “sorting the booking” section, so the solution I found was this

I hope it is useful.


Nice app, well done

I’ve inserted your app in my concept app for glideapps store for templates :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

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@Silvio_Rebelo, you make good points:

  1. Color - not too many options, white or black for background, so I chose black, obviously people will be able to choose to make any changes.
  2. Most dentists don’t have their own booking system and use an outside link, this is how they do it. The solution you offer is great for those who don’t already have a booking system, but most dentists do and it is integrated into their business already on many levels.
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Thank you @GioRinaldi!

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@SuperMerabh Very nice work! Agree w/ @Silvio_Rebelo on dark theme. If/when we get primary + secondary color choices in Glide, I wonder if this palette might appeal to dentists…

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Yeah, we need more options for sure with colors! People should be able to use their brand colors. I like your colors!

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I am jealous…I wish I could deliver apps like that! Great job!

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Thank you! I have a lot of experience creating software and apps, but just starting with Glide! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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want to be able to deliver apps like that one day too. :partying_face: :roll_eyes:

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Looks great.

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Here’s the video introduction


@SuperMerabh cool video :rocket:. This is how they are meant to be done. Which software / app did you use for the text to speech. Your sounds really professional. My text to speech sounds like a robot.

Hello Wiz, thank you! I didn’t use text to speech :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: this was recorded by my friend who is a real human voice over artist. She can be found here:

:blush::+1: thanks for this.