Need to convert list of items selected to each rows in a helper table

for more information… watch this Library | Loom - 6 July 2024 | Loom

So you want to convert a comma-delimited list of items into their own rows in a new table? Do you need to do any work on those rows afterwards, or is it only for displaying?

I intend to do more work on it… For example, setting up a deadline date for each row(project plan)

Then I would advise using a form-in-form setup. On entry to the form screen, you set a unique ID to a column in your user profiles table.

Then, add a form inside your projects form screen to add those items, link them to the original project by using the unique ID above.

You must note that if you use the setup above, you should consider whether you want to start with a new ID when you’re mid-way through a form and go back to the previous screen. If you set a new ID every time, items from last time that haven’t been submitted will be in a limbo state forever because their ID isn’t likely to be generated again.