Need I be concerned about large arrays to calculate Ordinals? Plus, is this possible?

I have around 2000 records (and 40 columns) of manufacturing runs.
Each of these has a Year value.
I’d like to show on each record “Nth production of the year”
Each year has 1 - 500 instances of manufacture.

So I’d relate each row to other rows within the table which share the same production year.
Then I can do a few columns with lists and arrays and eventually get an ordinal number.
I do not want this if it will slow anything down.
I do not have any google sheet formulas (data is in a google sheet).

Any advice or experience from users? Thank you.

2000x40 is nothing… I believe Glide can handle it well… once you pass 50K, I would recommend using Google Sheets and just showing results in Glide… for some reason, Glide is getting stuck with over 50K, maybe that’s why they have a 25K limit… but this is just a guess