Need Help with Rown Owner and Roles


I want a few Admin users that can see and edit everything

The User table has Row Owner in the e-mail column
another one as Owner and all the rowns with Admin word

A 3rd one as Role a few users have the word Admin no row owner

At User Profile Table Role is Role column

It works perfect wirh Users Table

When i create a new table, does not work even including a Role column in that table and fill with Admin word

Thanks for helping

Are you setting the role column in those other tables as a Row Owners column? Are you viewing the app as a user that has been assigned an Admin role?

Hi Jeff, How are you?

User Table show user as Admin OK

Every new record in another table i tried adding Admin in the Role Column but no Rown Owner

The way to do is add Admin word in avery new record in another table with rown owner?



Hi Daren and Jeff

Great many thanks it is working


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