Need help with a return value for a button click

Hi Team,

Am trying to build a workaround for the URL shortening for the details page in a tab and I have an interim solution that I can play around with ( with maybe a negligible delay ) using sheets.

But I need help with the last connecting step.

a. When I click on the share button I am writing a cell/column in my sheet with the link to screen value
b. I then compute and generate a shorter version of the URL ( I will explain this in a separate post ) and store it in another cell/column
c. I now want to take this new value from #b to be returned back to the app so that, it can be shared and thereby creating a seamless integration.

Is this possible? Especially step #C?

(All these until Glide natively supports URL shortening)

Thanks in advance,

Looks like it was not as bad as I thought it was. Got it using just 2 steps of Actions.

Is there a way I can set a wait condition before the value gets returned to the column from where I am reading the value from?

Like if the cell value is NULL then wait till it gets populated and then return the value to the share link to the screen options.


Wait it’s not an action in Glide but you can check this Wait Action - #4 by noobly_channel where they talk about an integromat sleep action.

That would mean I would have to setup an integration with an external component which might also cost $$$. Something that can be done internally within Glide is what I was looking at.


I know i know but i think internally it’s not possible for the moment to “wait” for something

At the moment no es posible.