Need help - voting on holiday lights contest

Hello all, fairly new to Glide, appreciate all the great help, video and resources here.

I’m building an app for our local community for a Holiday Lights contest - - and I’ve built the piece for residents to sign up, nominate their home. Now I need to built function for any user to vote on the nominations.

Will have categories for both Residential (Best Traditional, Best Themed, Griswold) and Business (Best Window Display, Best Outdoor Display).

I’m confused on how to start to build the Vote function

Have a number column for “Global vote” which will count all votes and a user-specifc number column for “Single vote”, which will act as a mean to stop people from voting multiple times.

You should create a button, which will have two actions to increment both the single vote and the global vote by 1.

Hide the button when the single vote is 1.

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Regarding this, I might have a custom ranking formula in the Sheets for you, which would act on the Global Voting score I mentioned above. Not sure how you’re structuring the data though.

I’m open to structuring the data in whatever fashion is best.

Currently I have columns on a lookup sheet - one for “Res Vote Category” and one for “Bus Vote Category”

So for example are these categories consuming 3 different columns?


But i’m open to suggestions for best way to handle

Would people have to vote 5 times if they believe an item deserves all these awards?

up to 3 times if residential, up to 2 times if a business

Right, so what I would do is to have a pair of column for each sub-category as stated above.

So for example:

Best Traditional Global & Best Traditional User.

Then set the action as I stated above to prevent multiple votes.

Then you can use those numbers to rank at the end of contest.

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