Need help solving a complicated problem, regarding relationship

Hi Guys,

I have a deliverable table which has Deliverable ID, Deliverable Name, Campaign ID Campaign name

I have a content table which has contentID Content URL, UserID, DeliverableID, Caption, Deliverable Name, Content Status

Campaign has many deliverables and One deliverable will have multiple pieces of content uploaded to it with each having a status There can be N number of users in the campaign.

All content will be uploaded using the form I have created which uses relation between deliverable ID from deliverable table and Deliverable ID from COntentLink table

I have a requirement where for every new content uploaded by a user for a deliverable the latest content status should be written to deliverable table in a column called ContentStatus

How can I do this? Because my deliverable table has one deliverable ID used by multiple users for a campaign to upload content. Each content will have a status.

Kindly help me solve this relation.

Thank you in advance.


I have tried every relation possible. Is the problem how I have created my tables?

Or is there no solution for this problem?


Would be grateful if anyone would help me out with any suggestion.


Why do you need to write it to the deliverable table though? If you have a relation between the deliverable table and the content table, wouldn’t you be able to do a Single Column > Last from the Status?

Also, what does that last status represent?

Thank you for our reply @ThinhDinh

My flow is. A campaign will have multiple deliverables.

Each deliverable will have Multiple content pieces from multiple creators.

So my relation column between deliverable and content table will give me Multiple content pieces from multiple creators who have applied to a campaign.

Relation column checks deliverable id from deliverable table and deliverable id from content table and lists multiple matches


Status meaning:

Every deliverable for an applied creator will be allowed to upload multiple pieces of content. When they first upload it undergoes checks and if it doesn’t meet the criteria it’ll be sent for revision, Then the user has to upload content piece again.

So in between use uploading content and Admin approving it there are multiple status in between.

This is currently stored in content table.

I need to show the latest content uploaded status in the Deliverable listing in the UI.

SO was wondering how to do it.

Since my relation between deliverable and content gives me multiple content pieces uploaded by multiple users for same deliverable ID, I am confused how can I approach this.

Hope there is a solution to this complicated issue.

Let me know if you need any more screenshots for me to explain better


So ultimately what you mean for the status is the status of the signed-in user’s upload, not a global value?

Thank you for replying @ThinhDinh

Correct but status of the signed in users latest content for that particular deliverable

meaning if he has uploaded 3 for the same deliverable. latest content status should be shown


Create a query column, filter by user ID/email of the related content is the signed-in user’s ID/email.

Then use the single value column method I noted above.

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Thank you for replying @ThinhDinh , I have applied what you just gave as solution. Let me test it out with multiple scenarios and get back to you.

Thank you for your patience and help.