Need Help for a "Padel Booking App" - Simply To Read

Ok Gliders, I need your help.

Premise 1:
I will use this post as a “journey” in creating the app so I can give back to the community as well as get help.
Don’t think I’m creating the app to go to Mars, it’s very simple however some steps are still a few complicated for me.

Premise 2:
I have looked at various tutorials on yt regarding the topics I need, but I am missing something.

App Objective:
We are a group of people who play padel (a sport currently in vogue in Italy similar to tennis) since there are various reservations of various fields I thought to create an app that would allow us to know:

  • Which matches are in the next few days
  • In which games you are booked, to have a reminder
  • The possibility to book games

How I came up with the app:
I am attaching an image of what I thought the flow might look like.
I’m not a developer and I only have basic knowledge, so forgive me for any mistakes.

At the end of the post, I’ll also include images (or maybe a video) of what the app looks like now and the “database” created.

Problems I’m trying to solve:

  1. Set a limit of bookings for matches of MAXIMUM 4 people.
  2. When a Player clicks to book, the booking appears on the first screen with “my bookings”.
  3. The user must be able to cancel himself if he can’t take part in the game anymore.

For now, I would say that we can solve these problems, in the video that I attach you can also see how changing users, the % that I set should become 50% and not remain at 25%.

I’m waiting for advice and thanks to those who devote some of their time to help me.


Based on what I’m seeing, it looks like you are using a user specific column to hold that switch value. One thing you have to realize is that user specific columns are specific to only one user, so no other user will ever be able to see that value, and because of that, you will not be able to count any sort of total based on the number of users that flipped that switch. You would be better off using a button with a custom action that would first mark the boolean column as true, and then increment or decrement a total count. You will not be able to achieve that with a Switch component.

Basically you need a user specific column to hold a user specific value, but also another column to hold a public value that all users can see.